Getting Started

Generating a project

npx @potionapps/templates project

You will be prompted with the following questions:

  • What directory name should your app have? (snake_case)
  • What email to you want to log in with?
  • What is your local PostgreSQL username?
  • What is your local PostgreSQL password?
  • Install dependencies?
  • Run database preparation?

(An email is required to log in. In production the email needs to be the email you use to log in to one of the social logins. In development, any email may be used

This will create a project, install dependencies and run migrations based on the conventions and code structure here.

To start your app's backend, run the following command in your new directory:

mix phx.server

To start your app's frontend, run the following commands in your new directory:

cd frontend/admin
npm run dev

You can now proceed to the login page of your project at localhost:4000